The Road to Sustainable Peace is Trade Diplomacy

A US-based chamber of commerce supporting detente through permissible US-Iran trade

US-Iran Chamber of Commerce

United States-Iran Chamber of Commerce is a nonpartisan, independent 501 (c) (6) nonprofit. Sanctions, compliance, and business expertise. A national chamber of commerce for the Iranian-American business community.

How Can USIRCC Help You?

Trade Expertise

Trade with Iran is currently permitted in certain sectors. Please reach out for further guidance and expertise on US-Iran Trade. Find out more →

A Voice for You

The chamber is at the forefront of trade diplomacy and pro-trade advocacy between the United States and Iran. Find out more →

Legal Expertise

We have the right legal expertise in international trade and US sanctions to assist with any permissible trade. Find out more →

Access Resources

Do you have specific questions or requests for resources about US-Iran Trade? Reach out to us for assistance. Find out more →

Contribute Today

Allies of peace and diplomacy must demonstrate that trade is the mutually beneficial approach for the people and business communities of the United States and Iran. US-Iran trade normalization is a fight on various fronts. Donate to support our cause today:

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