OFAC’s October 2019 Guidance for Foreign Governments and Foreign Financial Institutions Engaging in Humanitarian Trade with Iran

The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) is the financial intelligence and enforcement agency of the U.S. Treasury Department; more specifically, OFAC administers and enforces U.S. economic and trade sanctions. In the past, companies engaging in JCPOA-related, sanctions-exempt, or specifically licensed trade activities with Iran often sought, to little avail, detailed guidance from OFAC on […]

Persian Artifacts Loaned to the U.S. in the 1930s Returned to Iran after Legal Dispute

The National Museum of Iran received – and now displays – ancient clay tablets, which recently arrived from the United States. The ancient Persian artifacts are part of the “Persepolis Collection,” previously borrowed by the United States. Iran’s Minister of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Ali Asghar Mounesan reported that hundreds of ancient tablets, dating […]

Recognizing the 2019 Recipients of the Iranian American Bar Association Foundation Scholarship

A central tenet of the Iranian-American Chamber of Commerce is to engage with and recognize other Iranian-American organizations that serve and support the Iranian-American community. To that end, this month the Chamber is pleased to recognize this year’s recipients of the Iranian American Bar Association Foundation Scholarship. By way of background, the Iranian American Bar […]

Human Rights Watch Issues New Report on the Devastating Impact of Sanctions on Healthcare in Iran

On October 29, Human Rights Watch (HRW) issued a new, 47-page report titled “‘Maximum Pressure’: US Economic Sanctions Harm Iranians’ Right to Health.” The report finds that the Trump Administration’s exceedingly broad sanctions on Iran have dramatically impaired the country’s ability to finance humanitarian imports, such as medicines. The report explains that this impediment is […]

Policy Controversy: Proposal Seeks to Rein In Big Tech Amid Murmurs of a Big Tech Break-Up

This article examines one of the most bold, controversial, and progressive policy proposals currently cycling through the political corridors of Washington: the proposal to “break up” big technology companies, chief among them Facebook, Google, and Amazon. This proposal has stoked controversy in legal and economic policy circles since its introduction in March. In leaked audio […]

The #FemDiplomacy Campaign: Building Bridges Across the Iranian-Arab Divide

Leila Mansouri is an immigration attorney with a U.S. law practice and global migration consulting practice. Leila is active in the Iranian-American community, and serves on the Boards of the Iranian American Bar Association and Persian Women in Tech. Recently, Leila spoke with the Iranian-American Chamber of Commerce regarding her latest project, a bridge-building initiative […]