About Us

Who We Are

The US-Iran Chamber of Commerce (USIRCC) a 501(c)(6) non-profit based in Washington DC was established with the aim of informing and advising various entities, including business leaders and compliance officers, to ensure they are working within legal and regulatory boundaries, and remaining up-to-date on the latest US-Iran trade developments. In furtherance of this mission, the USIRCC provides a forum in which to receive thoughtful, well-developed advisory services. In addition to its strong private sector network, the USIRCC meets with members of Congress, as well as state and local officials. The founders of the USIRCC are business leaders and former diplomats with a profound understanding of US-Iran trade relations.

The USIRCC believes that an equitable and judicious economic relationship between the two nations will serve as a deterrent towards tension and conflict. Currently, US-Iran trade relations are at a sensitive stage given the ongoing negotiations. Thus, fulsome humanitarian and diplomatic trade engagement between the United States and Iran, within the context of applicable laws and regulations, can have significant positive impacts across many industries, to the benefit of both economies and people.

As the only chamber of commerce devoted to US-Iran trade relations, the USIRCC utilizes its strategic position and expertise to provide guidance to entities regarding the changing US-Iran trade landscape. The USIRCC also engages in the following activities related to its overall mission:


Providing publications (weekly newsletters, monthly analytical series, and reports) that analyze current international and domestic economic and legal developments across both nations.


Maintaining close cooperation with senior officials, trade associations, policy leaders, and industry advocates in order to provide the most up-to-date information regarding US-Iran economic relations.


Developing platforms for the exchange of ideas and best practices, such as networking events, conferences, trade, and industry exhibitions, and lectures regarding US-Iran economic relations