U.S. House of Representatives Passes “No War Against Iran Act” By Vote of 228-175

On January 30, 2020, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R.5543, known as the “No War Against Iran Act.” The measure was introduced by Representative Ro Khanna of California’s 17th congressional district, which covers the San Francisco Bay area, and passed by a vote of 228-175. The legislation blocks funding for military force in or against Iran without congressional approval, except in self-defense, and as such, is designed to curtail President Trump’s ability to take military action unilaterally. Congressional observers view the legislation as a rebuke of Trump’s recent military actions in Iraq against Iran and Iran-linked targets, which were carried out without congressional authorization.

However, the No War Against Iran Act is largely symbolic. The Republican-led Senate is unlikely to take up the legislation, and even if it did pass the Senate with a majority, the White House has signaled that President Trump would veto the bill. Nevertheless, the House measure is a welcome symbol for most Iranian-Americans, the vast majority of whom have relatives in Iran.

By Chamber Staff